310 Smith St


Signature Cocktails
Made with Homemade Syrups!

All your favourites including ....

Corby's Case - Packin' more smoke than Schapelle - tequila, mezcal, pineapple, rosemary and lime.


Hawaiian Shirt - Taking bogans to Bali since the late 90's - Light rum, Aperol, amaro Montenegro and lemon.

Dingo's is...
Smith Street's newest watering hole where Autraliana kitsch meets 80's retro cool 

With our relaxed vibe, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, Dingo’s is like a party in your mate’s loungeroom, but the drinks are better.

Birthdays, Farewells, Divorce Parties... Whatever it is, 
we'll help you celebrate!

Get in touch via the info below and we can arrange your

next event.